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Under the current Cooper Administration, NCDOT has experienced extreme budget shortfalls mainly due to a gross mismanagement in project funding by senior officials. These budget shortfalls have resulted in delays affecting countless projects in Iredell and Yadkin Counties. In a recent audit by State Auditor Beth Wood, it was revealed that the Department planned to spend approximately $5.94 billion in SFY 2019 but exceeded that amount by $742 million (12.5%). 


It is clear that the Department needs more oversight in its spending habits, and I have supported legislation which provides for the implementation of governance measures and other modifications related to the operations of the Department to ensure this type of mismanagement is not repeated. 


On top of working to ensure further governance in NCDOT spending, in my first term as a State Senator, I worked hard to secure funding for The Statesville Regional Airport which was ultimately passed into law and also supported legislation to clear roadblocks to I-77 toll relief. I continue to advocate against toll lanes. 


As our state continues to grow, our transportation challenges will only continue to mount. We must work together as a state to make our Department of Transportation more efficient and ensure that we are accurately setting transportation priorities in a way that balances the needs of the rural, suburban, and urban areas of our state. 

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