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Thyroid Cancer

Finding answers to what is causing the elevated rates of thyroid cancer in our district and throughout North Carolina has been and continues to be one of my top priorities as a State Senator. While some hypotheses for what is causing these elevated cancer rates narrow the sample to certain causes, I’m interested in leaving no stone unturned in this effort.  


I continue to work closely with the Iredell County Health Department, my fellow legislators at the State level, the UNC Collaboratory, The Central Cancer Registry, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Environmental Quality, scientists, epidemiologists and a wide range of experts in our search for answers.


You can find a comprehensive timeline and list of efforts regarding our work on thyroid cancer on the Iredell County Health Department website at the following link:


I’ve also introduced several pieces of legislation including the following:


The Cancer Research Advisory Panel Act – which was signed into law and directed the NC Policy Collaboratory at UNC to assemble a research advisory panel to study and develop recommendations on strategies for implementation of a research program to determine whether any clusters of cancer incidents exist within NC.


The Advisory Panel on Cancer Research Recommendations Act – to implement the recommendations of the Advisory Panel on Cancer Research and appropriate funds for the purpose. You can find the recommendations listed in the report here:


The North Carolina Cancer Registry Improvement Act to improve data collection of the NC Central Cancer Registry


The Increased Requirements for Small Structural Fills Act – which aimed to subject all projects using coal combustion products as structural fill to the same requirements for permitting, design and construction, and closure and post-closure. 

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