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Economic Development

As the owner and operator of Sawyer Insurance and Financial Services with my husband, I have a unique understanding of the challenges and rewards that come with starting and running your own business. 


As a legislator and a small business owner, I will continue to advocate for lower taxes and support our local businesses in an effort to maintain a healthy economy. I also firmly believe it is important to get rid of the bureaucratic, and often burdensome red tape that comes with starting and maintaining a business. That’s why I have supported various regulatory reform bills this past session including:

  • Primary sponsor of legislation S126 Cleanup Obsolete Boards 

    The 2019 Building Code Regulatory Reform Act to make various changes and clarifications to NC Statutes governing the creation and enforcement of building codes

  • The ABC Regulatory Reform Bill to make various revisions to the ABC laws in North Carolina

  • The Land Use Regulatory Reform Act to clarify, consolidate, and reorganize the land-use regulatory laws of North Carolina  


North Carolina has been ranked one of the most attractive states to do business. I hope to continue efforts to uphold this reputation through lower taxes, and fewer regulations.  

2195 Perth Road  •  Mooresville  •  NC  •  28117  •  919.715.3038  •

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